“Everyone is a storyteller”

Everyone is a storyteller. As people, we always tell stories. We tell our children, in the locker room after a sports match, during dinner parties with friends, as entrepreneurs about your new innovation. Telling stories is an integral part of how everyone lives and connects with other people. For me it’s a driving force to stay curious and young. Learn new experiences. To stay connected and in touch. With yourself and your surroudnings.

About Joep’s work

shaping business with people and IT

I can best be described as an energetic leader with over 16 years of experience in implementing (worldwide) delivery and support strategies and managing operations. After my studies in my first work experience I have built strong roots in human resources. People, their background and stories are always central and are a key success factor for me.

my latest curiosities keeping me young

Leading the digital age

In my work following with colleagues a challenging course about leading transformation in a digital age. New insights from visionairs, talks about the day after tomorrow. Highly actual in these unprecedented and uncertain times. Learning new techniques to keep my team energetic giving them freedom within the frame. An myself new energy and time to drive our strategy and staying relevant in future.

Burning rubber

Now we are more at home, my kids and I discovered sim racing. Driving cars as fast as possible over all kinds of circuits while beating your online competitors. We invested in a steering wheel and race chair. Burning rubber at Interlagos or Spa Francorchamps in our own coloured 911 RS trying to keep up with my kids.. Smashing personal records. Good thing is that crashes in virtual racing are not that costly as in real racing. The cooler of the PS4 is working heavily nowadays.

Playing padel

Padel is fast growing racketsport in the Netherlands, there is a lot of action. The ball stays in play longer through the glass walls, no rally is the same. Padel actually combines the best of two traditional racket sports: it is a mix of tennis and squash. The wall also gives you an extra chance to score offensively, and defensively to keep the ball in play. I’ve got hooked up by a friend. We’ve realised courts in our village and are playing heavily.

sports opinion (in dutch)

No nonsense blogs through the eyes of an sports enthusiast

  • ‘Heb jij er verstand van dan …’
    Als liefhebber moest ik natuurlijk de grandprix van Hongarije kijken. Ondanks dat ik in een andere tijdzone aan de Caribische zee zit. Het rondje van Max de dag ervoor was al historisch. De eerste Nederlander op pole position! Dat was al een klein traantje in de linkerooghoek waard. Deze race missen was dan ook geenMeer lezen over “‘Heb jij er verstand van dan …’”
  • Marcant.
    Ajax zat aan het einde van het vorig seizoen in een identiteitscrisis. Het aantrekken van Tadic en Blind in de zomer veranderde toen de stemming. Na de mokerslag in de Kuip waar de godenzonen met 6-2 van het veld geblazen werden en het 1-0 verlies tegen Heracles, dreigt een nieuw debacle. Kijk, bij een topclubMeer lezen over “Marcant.”
  • Brady for President
    Voor mijn werk was ik vorig week in Atlanta in de US. Bij aankomst op één van de drukste luchthavens ter wereld werden we na de douane check verwelkomd door een 50-tal juichende ‘Ram’ fans. Al een week voor het grootste eendaagse sportevenement ter wereld starten de eerste pre-party’s die een volle week gaan vullen.Meer lezen over “Brady for President”

become a storyteller

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